World Prematurity Day 2018 is here!

On 17th November, every year, we celebrate and think about all the babies born prematurely. 

One in ten babies worldwide is born prematurely, and my first baby was one of those. 

George, was born at 33 weeks weighing 2lb 11oz or 1.22kg. 

I’ve cooked chickens that weighed more than he did! 

On bank holiday Monday, after spending the afternoon in the garden with friends, I ran a bath and wanted to connect with my baby. He always loved the warm water, and it would make him kick like crazy. This time, he was weak. I knew something wasn’t right, and we went into the delivery suite at the hospital where he proceeded to kick the monitor non stop for the next 30 minutes!

A few hours later and we were about to be allowed home, suddenly his heart rate dropped drastically, and I was prepped for theatre. At 2:10am we welcomed George into the world, with Lionel Richie’s All Night Long playing on the radio. 

George’s first five weeks were spent in the neonatal unit at Colchester General Hospital, where the wonderful nurses and paediatricians worked round the clock supporting the delicate little bodies of all the babies born too soon.

Colchester Miracle Babies Group

Colchester Miracle Babies Group are raising funds for the neonatal unit, and have so far held a shopping fair at the stadium (last week), a bake sale at the hospital (yesterday) and they are hosting an auction online very soon! The auction is going to take place on their Facebook page so make sure that you’re on there to bid on the goodies they’ve got up for grabs.

Did I mention that I’ve donated £485 worth of chiropractic care from Lightbulb Chiropractic?

You can bid on a New Client Experience and package of 12 sessions. So if you are thinking about booking yourself in (or your kids!) then why not raise some cash for the neonatal unit at the same time.

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