When you’re pregnant and everyone is throwing their unsolicited advice your way, there will be a few things that’ll make you stop and go ‘huh’? So if you’ve heard of chiropractic in the context of getting rid of headaches and back pain, then chiropractic in pregnancy may well be one of those things.

There are so many reasons that a woman seeks chiropractic care during her pregnancy, and I’m going to briefly walk you through the main things people come in with.

Back pain

OK, so this is the obvious one, right? Big belly, big boobs, big old weight shifting your centre of gravity forward. Pair that with the hormone relaxin, and your ligaments are struggling to hold things in place. Yup. It’s gonna feel a bit achey in there at times.

It’s a red herring though. This is probably the thing I see least in practice when I’m working with pregnant mums. It’s not that it doesn’t happen, it’s just that most mums start seeing me early on in their pregnancy, so they’re balanced throughout, making back pain less likely.

Breech babies

There’s a myth that the Webster technique is the breech baby turning technique. Ask any Webster certified chiropractor (I’m one of them!) and we’ll all tell you the same thing – Webster is a specific analysis and adjustment for the sacrum. Guess what, we all have a sacrum, preggo or not, and I use it on babies, kids, and men too.

What happens though, is that when the sacrum – along with the rest of the spine and pelvis – is better aligned, it creates balance in the soft tissues and fascia that support the uterus. What does that mean? That your baby has more room to wiggle, and with that room to wiggle, is more likely to find the right position.

Energy levels

Every single function of your body is co-ordinated by your nervous system. Think of your nervous system as a guitar… When you’ve left it in the corner gathering dust and you pull it out for the first time in a while and stress those strings a little, it’s gonna sound off. It’ll hurt your ears, and quite possibly end up irritating your family too! As you tune it, the strings begin to harmonise, and with every tune up, the sounds just blend with ease.

Your nervous system is the same. The more frequently you get a tune up, the more your body works in harmony, and the less effort everything takes. Hey presto, when your body is working more efficiently, you have more energy to do the things you love.

It’s the right time!

More than anything, it’s that this is the right time. I speak to a lot of women who have become so used to putting everyone else first that they forget about themselves. Once you’ve got a bun in the oven though, your priorities shift and it’s ok to put you first, because you’re doing it for the sake of the baby.

Choosing a chiropractor for your pregnancy care

Find a chiropractor who is confident in caring for pregnant women, and have a chat to them to make sure you’re on the same page. You can find a great Webster certified chiropractor through the ICPA website.

If you’re in Essex, you can find me in Benfleet at Spinal & Natural Healthcare Centre or I offer a premium level of care brought to your home if you’re in Colchester or Mersea Island.

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