New Year, Even More Amazing You!

It can’t be just me who’s seen 2018 fly past in the blink of an eye?! So much has happened in my household, some great, and some absolutely awful… thankfully I have a little motto that gets me through the less happy times, and that is the old cliché – everything happens for a reason.

All the stuff that’s been really rubbish over the years, has led to some amazing things unfolding. Yes, it feels horrible at the time, but how many times has heartache led to you meeting the love of your life; or losing a job opening the door for one that’s at least ten times better?

My New Year traditions have changed over the years, I’m now happier snuggled up in my PJs than freezing my arse off out in town, wearing sky high heels dodging drunk letches and trying to flag down taxis.

A couple of years ago, one of my teachers shared something with me that changed my mindset around new year’s resolutions: The Remembering & Creating Process. It’s now my absolute favourite thing to do between Christmas and NYE. Sad, I know!


Remembering 2018

The first thing is taking a look back at the year to date, and celebrating the wins, and learning from the lessons (aka the horrific things that went really, really wrong). What worked well to create the wins? What caused the heartache? And if they’re to be lessons, what have you learnt that you’ll change next year?

This process allows you to move away from the typical thinking of “good riddance to 2018, it was the worst year ever and I’m happy to leave it behind” which is a kind of victim mentality, and ultimately just leaves you stuck.

When you’re looking to improve things (as I always am) then it’s important to take ownership for what you did well, and where you could have done better. Or you can just bury your head, blame the world around you, circumstances, and vow to spend the rest of your life in the same misery where you’ve got no say in your life.

Circumstances matter. But so do you.


Creating 2019

 Here’s where the fun happens!! What do you want to take from 2018 (your wins and lessons) to move you forward in 2019?

One of my points in remembering 2018, was the lesson to myself that I need to come first. Not in the sense of self-care, take a bath and get your nails done because you need to treat yourself. That’s not my idea of self-care. For me, it’s that I need to make my physical and emotional wellbeing the absolute priority. Without that, I’m not going to be able to be great all the things I want to be great at!

So as I’m creating 2019, I’m changing up my work schedule, re-joining the gym, committing to traveling 45 minutes each way for my own weekly chiropractic adjustment, and I’ve also booked a little break away for me and a girlfriend at the end of the month. Nothing fancy, just some space for us to get away from our lives for a recharge and a boost of feminine energy that is severely lacking in my testosterone filled life.

In my mind, the biggest barrier to achieving our dreams as mums is comparing ourselves to everyone around us. I let my own adjustments slip, because I was falling into the trap of thinking I needed to jump to other people’s requests, and that taking an afternoon for myself, when someone else needed me, was selfish. How insane is that?!

When you’re creating your year, make sure that you’re creating the lifestyle of your dreams, and not somebody else’s!


What are you willing to sacrifice to have what you want?

I’m willing to sacrifice the extra income that would follow working full time, in order to have the freedom to be with my boys. I’m prepared to switch up drinking alcohol for the fresh creativity that follows sobriety (for dry January at least!). I’m totally cool with spending an afternoon in the car for the sake of an artfully delivered adjustment, rather than clearing my diary to fit in to someone else’s schedule. 

2019 is the year that I take control of getting what I want – by creating it purposefully.

This is the year of me focusing on me, so that I can be the best for the people I care for.

Energy rich all the way!


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