How to Choose A Chiropractor

When there are so many chiropractors in Essex, how on earth are you meant to know who will be a good match for you and your needs? Well, I created a video to run through how to choose a chiropractor – just for you!

We all work differently, and those differences are fantastic – it means you’re much more likely to find someone that suits you 🙂

It can be easy to check out Groupon or to ask your friends for recommendations, and while it’s a great starting point, it’s not the end of it. Just like you don’t have the same favourite film or restaurant, you probably have varying expectations when it comes to your health.

I always want to give people the tools to check out whether what I do is right for them, so that they can feel confident spending money with me, but equally, so they can ask for a recommendation for someone more up their street!

Different types of chiropractor

Broadly speaking, there are two types of chiropractor:

Firstly, those who limit their practice to symptomatic relief care. This is a great option if all you want is a couple of sessions to get rid of pain, and you’re not really too fussed about long term health benefits. With this approach, it’s more a case that the chiropractor will tell you what to do to feel better. It’s comparable to a teacher & student relationship, in which the chiropractor takes on the responsibility for the person’s health.

Secondly, those who work in a salutogenic model, which is all about supporting you to create optimum health and wellbeing. For a lifetime if you choose it (because why wouldn’t you want to be at your best your whole life?!) This is a collaborative approach where you and your chiropractor work together to focus on increasing your overall health status. If you’re looking for holistic minded healthcare, this second approach is probably more aligned with what you want.

What do you want?

When it is time for you to choose a chiropractor, the biggest thing you need to decide is what do you want? Have a really good think about it. Do you want help with athletic performance? Does your chiropractor need to be open late for when you’ve finished your commute for work? Are you wanting someone who can spend time massaging you as well? Do you want someone who invests in their professional development (over and above the minimum recommendations)?

You can find out more about my approach to health by checking out the content on this blog, Facebook and instagram. I’m really clear on who my ideal clients are, so if this sounds like you, get in touch:

  • You are already looking for ways to boost your whole family’s health
  • You know that your body has the power to heal, it just needs a bit of a clear out first
  • Lifetime chiropractic care seems like an obvious choice
  • You’re proactive in everything you do – you just never heard of chiropractic care like this before!!
  • This is the right time for you to take control of your health & wellbeing

If this is you, you’re my dreamboat client 🙂


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