Chiropractic care is a natural method of helping your body to heal, without using drugs or going under the knife. It’s based on the understanding that your nervous system controls and coordinates every cell, tissue and system within your body. We work with your body’s healing mechanisms, rather than covering up symptoms. To us, symptoms are signs that you’re struggling to adapt to stresses in your life.


Why you might need chiropractic care

Stress is everywhere you look. Virtually everyone is stressed to the hills these days! There are three general types of stress:

  1. Physical stress like sitting at a desk or carrying a toddler on your hip,
  2. Chemical stress from toxins in our food and household products, and
  3. Mentally draining emotional stress like dealing with toddler tantrums and a husband working away all the time (hello fellow army wives!).

Whatever life throws at you, it’s picked up by your nervous system. Your body often creates a subluxation (misalignment of the spine causing nerve interference), and when this happens, it literally changes your brain chemistry.

A subluxation puts you in stress physiology, which you’ll know as fight or flight. So your body can’t digest food well, your hormones go out of whack, and you end up crying over stuff that wouldn’t normally bother you. You’re not crazy, lady! You’re just desperately overwhelmed by all the stress, and your body is struggling to adapt.

So if you’re subluxated, your nervous system (which controls every single function in your body) is going to be under strain.


What do chiropractors do?

I can’t speak for everyone – we’re all different in our approach, but I like simple, so I’ll start there…

Whatever condition or symptoms you’re dealing with, chiropractic won’t treat them.

(Not even the chiropractor who ‘cured’ your Nan’s headaches in two sessions)

Chiropractors focus on caring for you as a person, who may (or may not) be experiencing symptoms. We’ll never be treating your symptoms or condition. Because when that happens, it’s like forgetting there’s a person under the label!

My focus in a new client appointment is to check the function of your nervous system. It’s not to recreate your pain or give you a list of things that are wrong with you. I want to check how well the nervous system is working, because it’s responsible for coordinating EVERY. SINGLE. FUNCTION. of your body. Just to repeat – my focus is on what’s good, and making that better! It’s a big difference.

In a regular visit, if I find a subluxation causing nerve interference, I can correct it. I correct subluxations and remove the nerve interference using gentle and specific adjustments. As subluxations are corrected, and the nerve interference is removed, your brain and body to communicate better.

This is where the healing takes place.

It’s why people report all sorts of weird and wonderful conditions improving with chiropractic care. When you focus on getting your body in a healthier state, your sickness can’t help but disappear.

If you’re interested in approaching your health challenges from a totally different perspective, why not request a 10 minute complimentary phone consultation with me, where we can chat through your options. If you already know you want to book your new client experience, click the location on the side of this post, and you can book your appointment directly!

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