This morning, one of my chiropractic clients told me that he’d recommended me to a friend of his. My immediate question to him was “did you tell him I’m bat sh*t crazy?” to which he laughed and said “well, no, but I did tell him you’re enthusiastic“.

First off, yep, you read it right. He is a client of mine, and he is a man.

Before I trained in pregnancy and paediatrics, a bulk of my clients were male, and most of those males were soldiers. It happens when you’re married to a soldier, and word gets out amongst the blokes!

Why would I ask him if he’s described me as crazy?

When you work with people in the mindset of a pain or symptom being the problem, and then you start explaining that the problem usually isn’t the problem, it can open a can of worms.

And yes, you can sound a little crazy. Because most of what I explain to people is the exact opposite of what they’ve been told before.

For me, it’s less a case of “what happened two weeks ago that made your back go into spasm” and more a case of “how long has the stress on your shoulders been out performing your body’s ability to adapt?”.

Big difference.

So this is a man who came in for a pain problem. Within 4 adjustments over the space of two weeks, he tells me that he’s sleeping better, is less likely to flip into anger over trivial things like a trolley nearly bumping into him, and is happier in general.

I’ve talked to him about being energy rich vs energy poor. We’ve chatted about how getting adjusted boosts the prefrontal cortex, and how a walk after an adjustment can prolong the beneficial effects. He’s started implementing the homework part of his care plan, and is aware that all healing takes time.

I don’t ever know how things will change for a person when they begin chiropractic care. There’s every chance he could have felt an increase in his anger initially. The point is, nobody knows how your body will go through its healing process. You are uniquely brilliant.

Does chiropractic treat anger problems? No. Does it mean you can come in and ask for the happiness adjustment? I wish.

What chiropractic does do, is increase your body’s ability to adapt to the world around you. It changes your brain, and when you change your brain, you change your perception of the world. That includes your perception of pain too.

So whether you’re pregnant or not, if you feel like a chiropractic care plan (and it really is care, not treatment) might be something you’d benefit from, I’d love to meet you.

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