I’m sarah keen

Helping You Flex + Bend Between Life, Family and Practice

Helping You Achieve YOUR Version of Success

Life Expression at 100% For You Too. 

Let's stop talking about optimising health + wellbeing within our communities and then totally forgetting that applies to us too! We need a revolution. A new approach.

Putting yourself last all the time?

Talking all things vitality whilst feeling anything but?

In desperate need of some TLC?

Committed to accountability + growth?

About Me

I’m on a mission to change the birth world. I believe that we have the tools in our hearts and our hands to do that. But I realised something – the women who want to change the birth world are overwhelmed, frustrated and stuck. 

I get it! I’ve followed my soldier husband around the country, moving house ten times since graduating in 2009. I’ve been a solo parent for two years, while he was posted away, and I started my own practice in that time too. 

Through my own burnout, I realised that it’s all too common in our profession for women to give their all to everything and everybody else, leaving nothing for themselves.

If we’re going to change the world with chiropractic then we have to first start taking care of ourselves!  

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Register Your Interest And Start Creating Your Own Version Of Success Today!

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